CHRISTMAS / SUMMER BULLETIN 24/25 Dec. 2022 – 21/22 Jan. 2023

Dear parishioners of St Agnes’ and Our Lady of the Assumption,

Another year nears its end, and we say once again, ‘Where has the year gone!’ I thank you most sincerely for your continued support, in so many ways, throughout 2022. I think of the many liturgical and pastoral events of the last year and I’m aware of many significant times we’ve known as individuals and families within our parishes. For some there has been the gift of new life, and others the sorrow that accompanies bereavement. We’ve prayed for many who were sick, some who are now doing well, others who continue to struggle with the consequences of their illness. Our Parish communities are, in the true sense of the word, communities that share these highs and lows, these joys and sorrows. Thank God we continue to find the courage and the conviction to be the Body of Christ, the Church, the ongoing presence of God’s Son, empowered with God’s Holy Spirit, in these challenging and engaging times. As you may have heard me say on one or more occasions, ‘we are not simply called to be a people in whom Christ is present, rather, we are called to be a people in whom Christ is recognised’.

On behalf of the Parish staff thank you for your many Christmas cards, greetings and gifts. We extend to you and your families, our sincere best wishes for the Season of Christmas. May this Christmas be a happy time, where we can gather to celebrate the significance of the faith we share, and give thanks to our God for all that we’ve been given in the beauty and sheer splendour of His creation. The Father’s goodness to us is at the heart of what we believe, including, His ultimate gift to us His people, His Son Jesus Christ, the one whom we remember, in this Holy Season, as the Babe of Bethlehem, the King of Kings, Wonder Counsellor and Mighty God. May the Star of Wonder continue to guide us to God’s perfect light.

And may God continue to bless us, and all with whom we share His wonderful gift of life and love, today and always .

Fr Alan