Grief and Loss

We all experience loss and grief at some point in our lives. Loss may come in the form of unemployment, illness, breakdown of significant relationships, and perhaps in its most intense form, in the death of a loved one.

Parishioners who are members of the Parish Grief and Loss Group have committed themselves to walking gently with those who are grieving. They aim to offer a listening ear, companionship and practical assistance.

Members of the Grief and Loss group aim to give the grieving person their undivided attention, to be present to them and provide them with an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings and to be heard.

Most of the work of the Grief and Loss Group is done with the bereaved. We are not trained counsellors or therapists – just fellow parishioners who can walk a little bit of your path beside you.

Currently the Grief and Loss Group has seven members and the Coordinator is Colleen Gleeson who can be contacted via the Parish Office.

Those who are bereaved are readily identified. However, if you find yourself in another situation of loss, and would like to be contacted, please let the Parish Office know.