Counselling and Psychological Services

The parish provides free short term counselling to members of the Our Lady of the Assumption community (parish and school) and their families.

This can be for any issue where people need help or support over one or two sessions.

Counselling is provided by AnneMaree Eddy, Psychologist.

Psychological services are offered for more serious issues. AnneMaree also runs a private practice (from the parish offices) and is available to anyone in need.

Where possible, obtaining a referral from a GP allows her services to be bulk-billed per session, otherwise a fee of $120 per session is charged.

If any parishioner would like to schedule an appointment, please contact AnneMaree Eddy directly on: 0403 284 536, and leave a message indicating that you’re a parishioner.

For more information please contact AnneMaree Eddy on: 0403 284 536