EIGHTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME YEAR C – 26th / 27th February, 2022

Somewhat curiously and perhaps unnecessarily, since it was not an issue in Corinth, as for example in Galatia, Paul adds a passing shot at the Law. He seems to have always been on guard lest his converts from the Gentile (non-Jewish) world would be enticed to submit themselves to the practice of the Jewish law. In light of the paschal mystery Paul sees the law ranged on the side of the old era of sin and death that has been overtaken by God’s action in Christ. Paul’s long instruction about the resurrection ends on a strong note of encouragement. ‘Keep on working’, he says, ‘at the Lord’s work, knowing that in the Lord, you cannot be labouring in vain.’ Though so often we seem to be getting nowhere and are tempted to give up, the hope of resurrection means that nothing is valueless, nothing – even failure and seeming defeat – is wasted. It is all part of a great design in which the power of the risen Lord is at work in us, overcoming the forces of death and negativity to reclaim the universe for life and for humanity.