Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year B 6th/7th February, 2021

In touching Simon’s mother-in-law and then allowing her to serve him, Jesus is breaking down traditional barriers. He brings wholeness and holiness to her by his presence. The kingdom of God cannot tolerate prejudice and taboo, just as sickness and evil have no place in the kingdom. This text shows us a typical day for Jesus—the first of his ministry. He listens to the Word of God, then worships with his community; he relaxes in the home of a friend; he pursues his work of healing and preaching and, before dawn, he withdraws alone to develop his relationship with the Father through prayer. There is a wonderful pattern of balance here between prayer, work and rest. When the disciples find him, they want him to return to Capernaum to the acclaim he is receiving. Instead, Jesus insists that the boundaries of the kingdom be pushed out. The kingdom of God must reach further and further. It is for this that he came!