FIFTH SUNDAY OF EASTER YEAR A – 6th / 7th May, 2023

This Sunday Jesus says that it is through his death that he goes to God. However, it is as he is raised up in crucifixion that he is exalted. The author of the epistle declares him ‘chosen and precious in the sight of God’ but it is as the stone that was rejected that he is so honoured. If we ever wonder how the exaltation of Jesus will effect us, we have Jesus’ own words of explanation. He promises to go ahead of us and make arrangements for us to share in his exaltation in the house of the one he calls Father. All we need do is follow him. Today’s readings suggest that the exaltation of Jesus is most dramatically manifested in the character of the community of those called by his name. It is revealed in the way Christians settle their differences so that all parties are treated fairly. Jesus is the cornerstone upon which this community is built, and the community mirrors his influence in its life. Christians also participate in the exaltation of Jesus by spreading the good news to others. In Acts we see how the witness of life and the preaching of the word of God increased the number of believers.