Fifth Sunday of Lent – Year B 20th /21st March, 2021

The Greeks referred to in this text are likely to have been ‘Godfearers’ or non-Jewish people who are attracted to Judaism as a religion. Not being born Jews, they are unable to fully become part of the chosen people of Israel and to enter into its religious life. Here, though, they express their wish to ‘see Jesus’. The classic call to discipleship is ‘Come and see’. There is an element here that builds on earlier references in John to the fact that the gospel is not just for the Jews but for all people who express faith. The call of the gospel is universal. The imminent death of the grain is already beginning to yield a rich harvest. Jesus is well aware of the fate in store for him but accepts that this is the central act of his mission. Glorification and exultation await him. It is in being lifted up that Jesus will draw all people to himself.  In what ways do you feel drawn to Jesus at this point in your journey?  Reflect back on what caused you to say, ‘Sir, I would like to see Jesus.’ What called you to discipleship?