FOURTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME YEAR C – 29th / 30th January, 2022

In the readings for this week we see the reaction of those who hear the word of God. Jeremiah was told that he had been called to be a prophet even before he was born. Yet he had to fight against the people to whom he was sent. Those who heard Jesus were first amazed at his words and then later sought to throw him off a cliff. We too are often quite resistant to the word of God. Neither Jeremiah nor Jesus recoiled from the implications of their call, regardless of the resistance they experienced. Instead, they entered even more deeply into the call to love. Lest he brood over his injuries, Jeremiah is reassured of God’s protection. And, without aggressively demonstrating his strength when he was threatened with harm, Jesus exhibited patience and kindness. Both men bore and endured their bitter misfortunes. This is the image that is placed before us as an example for us to follow.