SECOND SUNDAY OF ADVENT YEAR C – 4th / 5th December, 2021

That God keeps faith is also the message of St Paul to the community of Philippi – the one who began this good work in you, will see that it is finished, or brought to completion, before the Day of Christ Jesus. In Paul, we also see the strong sense of ‘End Time’ hope that dominated early Christian theology. Paul is writing in a deeply personal manner, clearly knowing and loving this community. If you were a pastor away from your community, what type of letter would you write to them? Paul writes with joy and thanksgiving, readily expressing his feelings of wanting to be with the community and shares with them his prayer. It is a letter of great encouragement. The readings proclaim that God is coming to us. If we make preparations in our busy lives so that there is some room amidst the pre-Christmas shopping, the holiday plans, the office parties, we will know a God who is with us. God comes to those who want and wait, which is why it is the poor and the ‘little ones’ who first hear the news.