SECOND SUNDAY OF EASTER YEAR C – 23rd / 24th April, 2022

The problem for Thomas is the problem that all later Christians face. Can we believe the Easter Gospel when we do not see the body of the Risen One? There is a Thomas within all of us, wanting to believe but sometimes finding faith difficult. Thomas’ response is not to reach out to touch Jesus, but rather to recognise now the fullness of Jesus’ divinity; ‘My Lord and my God.’ Only in John’s Gospel do we find such an absolute statement of Jesus’ divinity. The final words of Jesus in this Gospel reach past Thomas to us, as Jesus pronounces a blessing for those who do not see and yet believe. The evangelist also reaches across time to us when he writes, ‘These things are written that you may believe.’ The presence of Jesus, his words, and the words of this Gospel writer live on in the Christian communities of our time. Whenever Christians gather, Jesus rises in our midst. Not even our fears and doubts are sufficient barriers, for Jesus comes to frightened and disbelieving disciples. The Easter gifts of peace and the Spirit are now available to all and blessed indeed are those who believe.