Second Sunday of Lent – Year B 27th /28th February, 2021

In the biblical tradition, a mountain is often used as the setting for close encounters between God and his people. In this text, Jesus’ appearance takes on the imagery of the divine. Those who join Jesus are significant: Moses was the receiver of the Law, and Elijah was the first prophet. Here the Law and the Prophets, the fullness of Scripture, meet Jesus transfigured. Understandably, the disciples are terrified, and Peter suggests they build three tents. This would allow them to remain on the mountain and contemplate the face of God. But this is to misunderstand the true call of the disciple. Gazing heavenwards is not enough; the disciple must also listen and act. The mystery of this response will only become clear when placed in the context of the death and resurrection of Jesus. There can be no side-stepping of the cross and its invitation to all who are followers of Jesus that they too must loose themselves for the sake of others. How do you understand the divinity of Jesus? When you contemplate the face of Christ, what do you see?