THE MOST HOLY TRINITY YEAR B – 25th / 26th May, 2024

Trinity Sunday celebrates the core Christian conviction that God is a communion of relational love. In today’s Gospel, Jesus commands his disciples to make disciples of all peoples and to baptize in the name of the Trinity. Jesus is named Emmanuel, “God with us” and with Jesus’ final assurance, “know that I am with you always”, we find ourselves gathered into the very life of God. Furthermore, St. Paul reminds us in today’s second reading that God is not a distant God, but rather a God whose Spirit draws us, as “joint heirs with Christ”, into God’s own life of love and relationship. Trinity Sunday is the day we set aside to celebrate the mystery of God and the nearness of God who invites us into the dynamic cycle of life and love, a cycle that reaches out beyond the human community and embraces the entire cosmos. As we make the sign of the cross, a symbolic action with a two millennia history, we might become more and more attentive to the wonder of the divine life that dwells in us and in whom we are privileged to dwell.