THE TRANSFIGURATION OF THE LORD – 5th / 6th August, 2023

Jesus takes his most trusted disciples up a high mountain to allow them to share in what he knows is about to occur. It is a clear teaching moment in which Jesus hopes his disciples will grasp the truth about him. As the disciples stand by, Jesus is transfigured before them – suddenly bathed in light, his clothes become dazzlingly white. Moses and Elijah are standing and talking with Jesus. Together, they represent the Law and the Prophets. Moses and Elijah both experienced the close presence of God at a time in their lives when they were called to take a difficult path. Both also experienced the comforting presence of God on Sinai. In this scene of the Transfiguration, while in one way presenting Jesus in his divine glory, we also glimpse his genuine humanity, as he pauses to face the consequences of the decision to go up to Jerusalem. We read how he takes time out, calls aside his friends and enters into prayer. When we struggle with our decisions, when we feel afraid and weak, may we too seek and know the comforting presence of God.