Our religious tradition is founded on love. Actually, life itself is grounded in love. We may not always feel this love, but if we allow ourselves to reflect on life, we will realise this truth. We have been called into being by God’s love; and we will only be happy if we live in that love. Thus, when we are directed to love God and love one another, we are not being asked to do something contrary to our nature. Rather, we are being told to live in accord with that nature. We come from God who is love, and so it is in our very nature to love and to be loved. We may sometimes think that it is easier to love God than to love others. It may actually be just the opposite. Other people are tangible. We can see and hear them, interact with them and so we show that we love God in the way we love our neighbour. Love, the foundation of the reign of God, is contagious. When we love others, the reign of God spreads throughout the world. The compassion that we show toward others is a form of evangelisation. It proclaims much louder than any words that the reign of God has been established.